Professional track athlete and 2012 Olympian. Nick competes internationally for the United States and the Brooks Beasts.

Nick launches caffeinated performance gum brand: Run Gum

Designed with the elite athlete in mind, but created for anyone on the run. Run Gum™ is the smarter caffeine kick.

  • 02.15.13
  • Nick Symmonds Opens Season at Millrose Games
  • Nick Symmonds, winner of five consecutive outdoor USATF 800-meter titles (including two Olympic Trials) and the fifth-place finisher in the 2012 Olympic 800 in a personal best of 1:42.95, will run in his first Millrose Games in New York on Saturday night. He’s racing 600 meters at Millrose against Duane Solomon, who was fourth in the Olympic 800 and set an American indoor 600 record of 1:15.70 in Glasgow, Scotland on January 26.
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  • 07.11.12
  • Nick Symmonds and Hanson Dodge Creative Release Episode 3 of Exclusive Video Series
  • For the average person it's hard to imagine running 60 miles a week, eating and burning nearly 5,000 calories a day and spending four years training for one event that's over in less than two minutes. What's even harder to comprehend is having the time to climb a mountain, kayak down a river or hook a king salmon in the process. Click 'read full story' to see how Nick stays active off the track.
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